El-hamdoulillah, we are thrilled to start this adventure. What a beautiful challenge, as to put at work our skills, as well as efforts to bring others on, in order to make up a productized solution that we hope incha’allah will bring everyone comfort and easiness in their days as regards to the ablution.

After months of thoughts on how, as Muslims, gifted with so many graces الحمد لله, should we work these aptitudes in a way that helps others and ourselves.

Of course, 5 minutes brainstorming and the list of issues is already one page long… where to start ?

We’ve decided to not spend time figuring out what could irritate people, rather than going down the mosques and straight ask them the following question: what irritates you most ?

  1. Istinja is clearly the first key challenge to enhance each muslim’s ablution. Because in north America, Public or private toilets remain the only place where Istinja takes places. and for the most, they are not equipped as in muslim countries with water service. We decided to take on the challenge and work to overcome this issue and provide a durable, practical, and most economical solution. This is why we bring on “Naja“.

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