Rafik, for Istinja, in all conditions.

El-Hamdulillah, We are proud to introduce Naja, the solution for carrying water on one, essentially for Istinja.

Rafik is the simplest solution to the simplest need to wudu: helps every muslim and muslima cleaning one self using water, as dictated in sunna.

It is a foldable water bag, ergonomically designed to fit in space, in hand, and to better serve water for Istinja, for men and woman, and kids as well.

  • All in a one piece: no add-in, no plug-in
  • Foldable, when empty, it fits in every pocket, every hand purse, every child schoolbag
  • Carries up to 500 ml of water
  •  Leak-proof, Transport safe
  • Hygienic, Dirt and Najassa repellent
  • Only hand pression used to get water served for Istinja purpose
  • Ergonomic integrated nuzzle, that pours water in a delicate way, with little hand pression on the bag
  • Made for men, woman, and youths
  • Stands on its own on a shelve
  • Durable, 2 year+ lifetime under heavy use
  • Affordable, goal is to eliminate Istinja’ issues for everyone, regardless of everything.

Rafik is, إن شاء الله , a solution that you would like, appreciate, enjoy. It aims at reducing daily difficulties to one of the fundamental condition of every muslim and muslima, which is #wudu, key to #salat.

We need your feedback, your input, and your dua’a.

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Our story

Assalamu Alaykoum,

Thank you for visiting us. Please allow us to introduce ourselves:

We are a tiny group of brothers and sisters who:

  1. aim at making the most of their ijtihad and efforts in service of the oumma and beyond
  2. conduct these efforts towards clear identification of issues faced by the oumma that can be worked on right away
  3. come up with innovative solutions that incha’allah would address these issues in the most ingenious way, being practical and affordable, with a positive value to both oumma and environment.



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