Rafik, for Istinja, in all conditions.

El-Hamdulillah, We are proud to introduce Naja, the solution for carrying water on one, essentially for Istinja.

Rafik is the simplest solution to the simplest need to wudu: helps every muslim and muslima cleaning one self using water, as dictated in sunna.

It is a foldable water bag, ergonomically designed to fit in space, in hand, and to better serve water for Istinja, for men and woman, and kids as well.

  • All in a one piece: no add-in, no plug-in
  • Foldable, when empty, it fits in every pocket, every hand purse, every child schoolbag
  • Carries up to 400 ml of water
  •  Leak-proof, Transport safe
  • Hygienic, Dirt and Najassa repellent
  • Only hand pression used to get water served for Istinja purpose
  • Ergonomic integrated nuzzle, that pours water in a delicate way, with little hand pression on the bag
  • Made for men, woman, and youths
  • Stands on its own on a shelve
  • Durable, 2 year+ lifetime under heavy use
  • Affordable, goal is to eliminate Istinja’ issues for everyone, regardless of everything.

Rafik is, إن شاء الله , a solution that you would like, appreciate, enjoy. It aims at reducing daily difficulties to one of the fundamental condition of every muslim and muslima, which is #wudu, key to #salat.

We need your feedback, your input, and your dua’a.

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